Care of a Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier pic

Jack Russell Terrier

Mike Loftus is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur that serves as the president of his signage production and installation company, MLE Inc. In addition to his work at MLE, Inc., Mike Loftus also enjoys spending time with his wife, twin boys, daughter, and pets that include two Great Danes, a dachshund, and a Jack Russell Terrier.

The Jack Russell is a dog breed in the terrier classification that was first bred in Europe. Terriers are often energetic and usually smaller sized dogs, though some terrier types can weigh over 70 pounds. The Jack Russell originated as a hunting dog more than 200 years ago, and although it is an affectionate and small sized dog breed, it is also independent and can be difficult to train.

The Jack Russell requires short structured training sessions to hold its interest, as it is a playful breed that is bored by repetition. Proper socialization is also very important from a young age, as the Jack Russell is typically friendly with people but can be aggressive with other animals. The breed enjoys spending time around its family and should generally be kept indoors. However, daily activity such as walks and vigorous off leash exercise is necessary to burn off excess energy.