Breakfast on the Grill Offers Lots of Delicious Possibilities

llinois entrepreneur Mike Loftus founded MLE, Inc., to offer high-caliber graphics, signage, marketing, and branding services to a wide middle market. After less than a decade in business, he led the firm to achieve more than $10 million in annual revenue. By 2015, that figure had risen to more than $25 million. Mike Loftus has put in the hard work necessary to grow his business, but he also enjoys free-time activities that include travel, boating, cooking, and grilling.

He has even had the pleasure of introducing friends and family to new tastes, offering them original food combinations made even more flavorful on the grill.

Even breakfast can taste better on the grill. Take a look at these ideas for starting the day off right in a very different way:

For an omelet, grill whisked eggs in a foil-bottomed metal pie pan moistened with non-stick cooking spray with added milk, salt, pepper, and grilled bacon to taste. You can also coat the compartments of a muffin tin with cooking spray, crack an egg into each, and cook over the grill.

Cinnamon rolls are delicious when you make them campground-style. One popular idea is to cut an orange in half, remove the fruit, and use the two half-peels as baking dishes. Spoon ready-made cinnamon dough into each half, place on a metal baking tray, and grill until the rolls turn gold.

Portobello mushrooms, cornbread with honey butter, and avocado-and-egg combos also grill beautifully for your breakfast table.