Common Problems with Used Boats




The president of MLE Merchandising and Sign Solutions, Mike Loftus has spent more than a decade overseeing all the company divisions, operations, and growth. An avid boater, Mike Loftus bought his first boat at the age of 18 and has since owned several boats of different sizes. When he’s away from MLE, Mr. Loftus enjoys spending time on the water.

When it comes to buying a used boat, there are several common problems to watch for, including:
1. Engine issues. Perhaps the most common problem with used boats, engine issues can cause plenty of headaches for new buyers. Arrive early for the sea trial so you can hear the engine warming up. Always check the oil and plugs to make they are in good condition. If you don’t know a lot about boat engines, ask a mechanic or knowledgeable friend to come with you.

2. Leaks. Cabin leaks are fairly easy to spot by checking for watermarks. However, a good cleaning can get rid of the marks, so check the ports and seams as well. Look for cracks in the fiberglass to make sure the boat is not likely to leak underneath. Pay attention to how the boat floats to ensure that the foam is not saturated.

3. Bad pumps. during an inspection, thoroughly check the boat’s bilge pumps. Make sure the float switch works by manually checking the trigger and bilge, and test all other items powered by the pump, such as heads and washdowns.