Notre Dame Legend Tony Rice Counsels Current QB DeShone Kizer

Notre Dame football  DeShone Kizer

Notre Dame football DeShone Kizer


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One of the standouts of the current Fighting Irish team is quarterback DeShone Kizer, who recently given received advice from Tony Rice. The latter player led his team to a 28-3 record while starting Notre Dame quarterback in the late 1980s and went onto a successful Canadian Football League career. Both players share a number of common traits, including having been first thrust into the collegiate spotlight in South Bend when the starting quarterback got injured. Both are also known as dual threats in the passing and running arenas.

Rice’s advice to Kizer, a young quarterback who experienced profound ups and downs during the 2015 season, is to keep his head straight and ignore the hype that surrounds each game. Rather, the focus should be on staying steady and taking one play at a time, knowing that the entire team is there to provide needed support.