A Handful of Key Tips for Creating Excellent Retail Signage

outdoor signage

outdoor signage


An experienced branding professional, Mike Loftus serves as the president of MLE, Inc., in Illinois. Through MLE, Mike Loftus connects retail outlets around the country with high quality indoor and outdoor signage.

When designing new signage, organizations need to respect the time of the consumer. Messages on the signs should be succinct and easy to read. Few people will take more than a couple of seconds to read a sign, and if it proves illegible, there is little motivation to invest time into figuring out what it says.

The most effective signs help customers envision themselves using the product by incorporating “you” statements. “Get the curls you’ve always wanted!” is a more effective sign than “Makes hair curl beautifully!” because it appeals to customers’ imagination and engages them directly.

In the end, organizations should have fun with their sign. Interesting colors and visuals, for puns and jokes, will capture the attention more than plain signs. Organizations should always think about the image they wish to project and how they can use their signage to reinforce the brand.