A Few Suggestions for Preparing a Delicious Breakfast on the Grill




Mike Loftus has presided over MLE, Inc., since 2002. Outside of his professional life with MLE, Mike Loftus enjoys experimenting with his grill and creating surprising dishes, from desserts to breakfasts.

The grill is ideal for making a number of different breakfast foods, including toast. In reality, the grill was the original toaster. For something really special, chefs can rub the toast with a ripe pear or peach.

By using a cast iron pan, individuals can easily prepare eggs or even pancakes on the grill while infusing a bit of refreshing smokiness. Of course, the grill is the perfect place for cooking breakfast sausage. When it comes to bacon, however, it is better to use an iron pan on the grill to avoid grease flare-ups.

For a really delicious breakfast side dish, chefs can create kebabs out of peaches, nectarines, pineapples, and other fruits that they have on hand. Then, brush the kebabs with unsweetened coconut milk and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top before lightly grilling the fruit.