Maintaining Clarity in Wayfinding Signage

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MLE Merchandising & Sign Solutions

As president of MLE Merchandising & Sign Solutions, Mike Loftus is involved in all of the day to day operations of the company. Mike Loftus has led the firm since 2002, helping it to become a nationally-recognized leader in the signage and branding industries. Specializing in branding and interior and exterior signage solutions, MLE helps businesses deliver their message with clarity utilizing methods such as marketing fixtures, wall logos, artwork, digital signage, and directional and wayfinding systems.

Wayfinding systems utilize sensory cues that orient a person to his or her environment. Typically these cues consist of well-placed signage and other forms of graphic communication within the architectural surroundings. If designed well, wayfinding systems help people navigate successfully through unfamiliar areas.

Effective wayfinding systems must be thorough, easily understood, concise, and consistent. An experienced designer should be utilized in order to ensure that an organization’s ultimate communication goals are met. In order for a wayfinding system to be easily understood, a simple, sans serif font should be utilized, as this font is instantly recognizable and easy to read. Color selection should also be considered; contrasting colors should be utilized, ideally with white lettering against a darker background.

When completing the signage package, consistency must be maintained in type height, icons, and color selection. Information must also be displayed in the same order throughout the package to maintain clarity and ease of understanding. When these considerations are implemented, wayfinding systems will accomplish the ultimate goal of guiding visitors and employees in a non-intrusive yet effective manner.