Design Tips for Creating an Effective Billboard


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MLE Merchandising & Sign Solutions

The president of MLE Merchandising & Sign Solutions, Mike Loftus is an entrepreneur and established business owner in Illinois. Among other goals, Mike Loftus established MLE to help customers market their businesses using the most efficient billboard designs possible.

Here are some design tips for businesses to consider when creating billboards to attract customers or communicate a brand’s message.

Color is a critical aspect of getting a business’s brand noticed, particularly on a billboard, as it helps viewers immediately identify the brand. Using contrasting colors creates an engaging sign, enhances the viewer’s retention of the sign’s message, and improves readability. Conversely, pairing similar colors on a billboard typically reduces a sign’s impact.

Other techniques include using borders around graphics or text to draw the viewer to the enclosed material. Finally, customers typically perceive businesses with signs that are easy to read and understand as trustworthy and honest. A sign’s message should be clear, contain no more than seven words, and be kept up to date with the evolution of the company’s brand and its overall message.